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Rent a car in Luxembourg at competitive prices

To get a car you need:
  • Voucher
  • Driver's license (valid for at least 12 month
  • Credit card
  • Passport

If you have already resorted to the procedure of renting a car, or at least were interested in this issue, then you know the companies Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar. These are the most famous car rental companies. We have been cooperating with them for a long time and work directly, so we can afford low rental prices for even the most luxurious cars. A simple booking procedure in the city Luxembourg (Luxemburg) will not take you much time, after a few minutes you will already become the owner of a rented car. All you need is to call us and make sure that renting a car with our company is easy!

Car classes at

  • Minivan
  • Mini
  • Wagon
  • Suv
  • Full-Size
  • Economical
  • Compact

Rent in the nearest directions from Luxembourg

    You can rent such a car in any city Luxemburg, even in Luxembourg.

    Renting a desired compact car in Luxembourg is done in three simple steps. Moreover, it is in Luxemburg that there are so many rental outlets that you will definitely find the car you need. To do this, you do not need to have special knowledge, just show quite a bit of patience and care. Our site is designed so that absolutely anyone can handle it, even intuitively.

    The compact car has been designed specifically for travel, especially in a busy country like Luxemburg. The car is ideal for pleasant trips in Luxembourg, enjoying its unique flavor. You can easily maneuver on the track, on any Luxemburg road. After one trip, you can already appreciate the undeniable advantages of a compact car.

    Leave all doubts behind. Traveling with your loved one in Luxembourg, take a compact car and enjoy the comfort and convenience of driving. Such a car will bring you a lot of positive emotions and impressions from %car_country_name-at%. Pay attention to its appearance, because it is the exterior that distinguishes it from other cars.

    Attractions Luxembourg

    Luxembourg, the City, is the capital of the country that in the first place in any person is associated with global freedom, loyalty, and marijuana cakes, as well as a unique thematic questionable institutions. In our review, we would like to describe this place from another aristocratic side.
    Lower City
    Grund is the lower part of Luxembourg.

    A small area without the masterpieces of world architecture, sculptures or historical events. But what a colorful and authentic place! These toy-brick houses with smokers, quiet canal, modest monuments of World War II, and a small market with artists selling their works. By the way, you can get here using the elevator located in the Courts' Town. Barrio Grund is probably the most typical place in Luxembourg in which you fall in love at first sight!

    Place d'Armes

    This place is a champion on the number of restaurants per square meter! It began to develop in early 17th century, and after the stone was laid, it was called d'Armes, that means "military parade". Today it hosts the restaurant life of the city, and all the free space is occupied by street-food establishments and restaurants with terraces. Nearby, a lovely building of Palais Municipal is located, and in the middle of it the outdoor concert venue, where anyone can perform its creativity! You will immediately notice a monument to the creators of the national anthem. Absolutely unique place. . .

    Elite Music