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    The dignity of our service is represented by the trust policy. Our clients become regular, because on our website, booking is carried out in three simple steps, which significantly saves your time. For the dates you choose, the cars with the best price will be selected, and the rental points in Italy are verified and expertly selected. With us you will not only save money, but also enjoy the process.

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    Car reservation in Italy

    Rental Tips
    • You can choose another item when returning the car, then this will need to be indicated at the booking stage in order to avoid possible problems.
    • In addition to the total amount, a certain amount will be frozen on your credit card, if the car is returned according to the standard procedure, the amount will be unfrozen.

    Car booking in Italy is one of the most popular services today. After all, the procedure itself is simple and convenient, and the comfort upon arrival is guaranteed.

    1. You just choose your dates
    2. Book a car
    3. Fill out the contact form, we will do the rest for you, and when the procedure is completed, we will send a confirmation voucher to your mail, do not forget to print it.

    At the rental point you will need to present:

    1. Your driver's license and the reservation was made.
    2. Credit card with a certain amount.
    3. The confirmation voucher that was sent to you by email.

    You will not need to use public transport services, use the services of transfers or taxis. You will have your own car that will meet all your requirements both in terms of technical characteristics and functionality, and in terms of exterior features. It is not enough to have a vehicle, it is important that it suits you in everything, ensuring the comfort of movement. But no one is insured against road accidents, including accidents and collisions. At the time you provide a credit card, a certain amount is frozen on it. This amount is not taken from the head, but is indicated in the booking conditions. The insurance that is included in the payment for the booking does not cover some insured events, so a certain part is paid from the one that is frozen on your credit card and is called a deductible, the rest will be paid by the insurance company. If the car is returned without damage, the amount on your card will be unfrozen. Remember that if your card initially does not have a certain amount, then the rental office has every right to refuse to provide you with a car.

    Italy: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


    Great Italy

    Italy if great any time of the year.In the winter you can ski, in the summer – enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, in the autumn and spring you can go to the excursions around the country, to the wedding trips to Venice, to do shopping in Milan, exercise pilgrimage tours to Rome, separate country Vatican and other holy places of Italy.

    Italy is in the top 5 of the most visited countries in the world.It has mountains, plains, islands and peninsulas washed by five seas and a few bays.

    Millions of tourists come to Italy every years to taste the best pasta in the world, get a golden tan or ski in the snowy Alps, go shopping and feel the atmosphere of attractive Italian charm.

    Island of Sicily is in the south of Italy and is separated from the main land by the Strait of Messina. This place is full of rich history and multinational culture.Plains,rocks and clean sea are ready to welcome tourists from all the places in the world since May till November.In Sicily there are many resorts and beaches worth to visit, and we are going to tell about them.

    Agrigento is a resort located close to Africa.Its sightseeing is the Valley of Temples, the buildings honouring ancient gods preserved till the present.You should definitely visit this place if you plan holidays in this area.