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When traveling, you don't feel like using public transport at all? Are taxi services too expensive for you? Then there is the best solution - renting a car. With our service, car rental in the city Muenster (Germany) is easy and fast, and you get quality service from the best rental companies Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar. Every day hundreds of tourists use car rental on our website, because with us it is not only convenient, but also very profitable. Book a car in advance and you can choose any car from an extensive list.

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You can rent such a car in any city Germany, even in Muenster.

Car rental in Germany is possible in all cities. The service is especially popular in the city Muenster. There is always something to see in such a country, especially given its culture and long history. For a photographer or blogger, Germany is a real paradise for matching material. But what if you do not have much time, and a taxi in the city Muenster is too expensive, especially since you will have to travel not only within the city? How to be in time everywhere if public transport in Germany does not allow traveling to the full extent, and the inconveniences negate all the pleasure of traveling through Muenster?

There is a way out - rent a car in the city Muenster using our convenient service. By purchasing an economy class car, you will not only save a decent amount of money, but also get an excellent car in good condition for your use. Moreover, at the rental point in the city Muenster you can make sure that it is in good working order and even buy additional insurance.

Attractions Muenster

The so-called "bicycle capital" has a rich history, which began more than 1200 years ago. Its founder is considered to be Charles the Great, who ordered to built a monastery in this area. By the way, the city got its name thanks to this event.

What can Munster offer foreign tourists?

Attractions in Münster

The "heart" of the city of Münster is the Old Town Hall (Historisches Rathaus). It is located in the city center on the Printsipalmarkt. The Treaty of Westphalia was signed here in 1648. It was the most important Gothic-style building in Westphalia before the Second World War, which brought destructions. Tourists can admire wooden sculptures of Jesus Christ and his 11 apostles. Besides, you have a chance to see a collection of 16-17-century armor and weapons.

Münster Cathedral is located on a hill called Horsteberg. It keeps the real relics relating to the 1200-year history of the bishopric, including St. Paul's skull fragment. The wooden figure of Our Lady with a baby is covered with silver and gold.