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Our site is one of the most popular car booking platforms. We hold a leading position because we rely on the quality of the services provided and work only with proven rental points in Czechia, which have proven themselves only from the best side. The booking process is accessible to any user and is carried out in three simple steps. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you in the process.

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  • You can choose another item when returning the car, then this will need to be indicated at the booking stage in order to avoid possible problems.
  • In addition to the total amount, a certain amount will be frozen on your credit card, if the car is returned according to the standard procedure, the amount will be unfrozen.

Our company has been booking cars in Czechia for many years. We have occupied a solid niche in this market and are not going to give in, because on our website hundreds of tourists book cars in more than twenty-five thousand rental locations around the world. You can book a car without leaving your home and receive quality service upon arrival. Here you will find only the best deals that will undoubtedly lift your spirits. The booking process is so simple that any user can deal with it, no special skills are required. If you need it, then during the booking process you can order additional equipment and it will be provided to you at the rental point, as well as indicated in your confirmation voucher. By contacting in a timely manner, you can change the booking time, conditions, car, or even choose a completely different rental point. Read the booking conditions carefully, pay attention to each item.

To make you feel even more comfortable, we provide online support, even in Russian. The car is reserved in three simple and straightforward steps. First of all, you select the dates for which you need a car. After determining over time, you will be able to choose a suitable car, and in the end, fill in the contact information. That's all you need to do. We will definitely contact you after confirming your booking and send you a voucher to your email address, which, in addition to general information, will contain the contact details of the rental point. Already at the rental point you can purchase additional equipment or purchase other services and insurance. Also, before providing you with a car, the rental office will ask you for a voucher, credit card and driver's license, no more documents are required.

Czechia: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


Czech Republic is a country of old castles

If you poke a finger on the map if this country, you still get into the castle - in Czech Republic there are about 2,5 thousand castles. Here there were built not only powerful fortifications, but also luxurious palaces embodying the power and wealth of their owners. Traditionally, every Czech Castle has its own legend. For instance, one is taken by the ghosts, another has hidden treasure, in the basement of third castle inmates lived, and the fourth is still fighting with dragons. Many walls store love stories, hatred and long memories of intrigues and conspiracies. And almost all can boast with their luxurious libraries, collections of paintings, fine porcelain and other beautiful items. Three leaders by popularity among tourists are the former residence of the King- Karlstein Castle, the Czech version of the Windsor Castle in the town of Hluboka nad Vltava and genuine fairy tale city of Czech Krumlaw.

Hluboka nad Vltava as a new gothic of South Bohemia. The second most popular castle is Hluboka nad Vltava, the brother of Windsor Palace in England. It strikes the imagination with luxurious interiors and its appearance. Some come to the Czech Republic just to see this masterpiece at least once. The castle is located 140 km south of Prague. Czech Krumlaw is a gingerbread of Europe.Czech Krumlaw with large scale castle (the next biggest after the Prague Grad) is a second the most visited place after the capital. It is a classic place of absolutely 'gingerbread' appearance located in South Bohemia: historical cataclysms did not destroy it and its buildings remain unchanged since the 18th century. Three hundred years a city was owned by the family of aristocrats Rosenberg’s. Their emblem was five petals on the silver background that subsequently became the city emblem. In the castle you should take a look at the Masquerade Hall with murals, unique Mantle bridge built to connect the upper castle with the Castle Theatre (one of the first Baroque institutions in Europe), the summer palace-Bellariu, the park pavilion with revolving auditorium and a cascading fountain of the 18th century.

Other attractions.

Bouzov means Teutons, Nazis and Indiana Jones. At a distance of 200 km from Prague in the Central Moravia more than seven centuries ago a romantic beauty Bouzov was built. In the 16th century it was owned by the order of Teutonic Knights, and during the second world war the Nazis kept the stolen treasures. In our days the castle with luxurious interiors is Hollywood favorite as here 'Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' was filmed. In the cellars of the same castle there is a nice exposition 'dragons and wrestlers with dragons'. No torture or inquisitors, only fabulous dragons of full size and knights fighting at the best of their abilities the monsters.

Krshivoklat is a hunting residence with the library. The castle is located on the top of the hill in the Krshivoklat reserve 60 kilometers to the west from Prague.The Palace was built in the 13th century. This is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic. Biography of Krshivoklat is quite diverse: it was a favorite aristocracy vacation place, a hunting residence and even a prison. Therefore, the collections in the castle have different themes – from the library storing 50 thousand books to the exposition of torture instruments in the dark cells. The great tower provides a magnificent view of the surrounding forests.