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Rent a car in Beijing at competitive prices

To get a car you need:
  • Voucher
  • Driver's license (valid for at least 12 month
  • Credit card
  • Passport

Never before has the process of booking in the city Beijing (China) been so simple and straightforward. Choose the required dates, select a car from an extensive list, fill out the contact form and that's it. We will do the rest of the work for you, and after completing the booking process, we will send you a confirmation voucher by email. You will have to present it at the rental office, along with your passport, driver's license and credit card. Remember that the booking must be made in the name of the person whose driver's license will be provided at the rental point, and the credit card must have the entire amount required.

Car classes at

  • Minivan
  • Mini
  • Wagon
  • Suv
  • Full-Size
  • Economical
  • Compact

Rent in the nearest directions from Beijing

    You can rent such a car in any city China, even in Beijing.

    Renting a mini car in Beijing is now possible thanks to our convenient car rental service. There are enough rental locations in China so that you can choose the most suitable one. Do not forget the exterior of these cars. Absolutely unique appearance invites you to plunge into the city life of Beijing and become a subject of admiration. By renting such a car, you will ensure your safety, first of all, because it is the cars of the mini category that are awarded the highest awards for the safety of the driver and passengers.

    You can even choose a five-door mini with improved rear seats, where even a third person will be comfortable while driving according to China. Only outwardly, it seems small, but mini is just a name. Once in the car, you will feel the unique comfort and ease of control. Modern warning systems will make the train more pleasant on the roads Beijing.

    A mini car is the best choice for those who are used to staying in the spotlight and catching the admiring glances of others around China. Choosing it, you will not regret your decision.

    Attractions Beijing

    The "North Capital" of China is mainly famous for its cultural heritage, educational, and political significance, while Shanghai and Hong Kong are main economic centers. Interesting to mention also its historical meaning of one of the four ancient Chinese capitals.
    Palaces & Temples
    The Forbidden City is the largest palace in the world.

    It is located between the main square of Tiananmen and Lacustrine Quarter. By visiting this site, you can learn how the most powerful people of all times used to live, the emperors of China, as well as get acquainted with the great architectural tradition. At the level with such grandiose historical place is only the Great Wall, which is also breaking records and is considered the largest monument of architecture in the world. The most popular of its site in Beijing is Badaling. You can get there on tour buses right from the center of the city. The famous Temple of Heaven was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage of mankind for almost a perfect architectural complexity. Tibetan Buddhist Lama Temple is still "alive", and offers a variety of tourist attractions.

    Green Activities & Nature

    If had not enough the Great Wall in Badaling section, and you just can not calm down, try hiking in Beijing! Mutyanyuy Nature Reserve is ideal for hiking, as well as Tszyankouyu, as well as zipline at Simatai. All of these sections of the wall as though created for hiking. Beijing National Aquatics Center, or "Water Cube", which was created specifically for the 2008 Olympics, will surprise you with its open spaces and the services offered. If you are interested in more gradual introduction to the beauty and nature of China, it is certainly worth a visit Beihai imperial garden, which was created in the tenth century and is considered one of the largest Chinese gardens.

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