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    Our site is one of the most popular car booking platforms. We hold a leading position because we rely on the quality of the services provided and work only with proven rental points in Bulgaria, which have proven themselves only from the best side. The booking process is accessible to any user and is carried out in three simple steps. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you in the process.

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    Rental Tips
    • If you have chosen additional equipment, then it will be indicated in your voucher, and you can get it directly at the rental point.
    • If there is even a small chance of snow falling, it is recommended to order a winter set of tires as an option.

    Our company has been booking cars in Bulgaria for many years. We have occupied a solid niche in this market and are not going to give in, because on our website hundreds of tourists book cars in more than twenty-five thousand rental locations around the world. You can book a car without leaving your home and receive quality service upon arrival. Here you will find only the best deals that will undoubtedly lift your spirits. The booking process is so simple that any user can deal with it, no special skills are required. If you need it, then during the booking process you can order additional equipment and it will be provided to you at the rental point, as well as indicated in your confirmation voucher. By contacting in a timely manner, you can change the booking time, conditions, car, or even choose a completely different rental point. Read the booking conditions carefully, pay attention to each item.

    To make you feel even more comfortable, we provide online support, even in Russian. The car is reserved in three simple and straightforward steps. First of all, you select the dates for which you need a car. After determining over time, you will be able to choose a suitable car, and in the end, fill in the contact information. That's all you need to do. We will definitely contact you after confirming your booking and send you a voucher to your email address, which, in addition to general information, will contain the contact details of the rental point. Already at the rental point you can purchase additional equipment or purchase other services and insurance. Also, before providing you with a car, the rental office will ask you for a voucher, credit card and driver's license, no more documents are required.

    Bulgaria: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


    Attractiveness of the resorts of Bulgaria.

    102 current resorts are created on the territory of Bulgaria.

    Some of them (34) are awarded the state degree of national significance. There are many nature reserves used for the medical purposes, with a specially protection. Prevention and treatment are conducted by all medical organizations on the special resorts, depending on the illnesses. Attractiveness of the resorts of Bulgaria or this is the area for everybody.

    Program management is carried out by the qualified doctors. Health workers provide special trainings in the balneology and its rehabilitation. Massage therapists, nurses, and other workers receive deep knowledge of the subject. In Bulgaria, as well as around the world in the places with healing waters, some sources provide bathing in the swimming pools.

    In a picturesque place in the area of Rodos mountains lies the famous seaside resort. It is considered to be a holiday capital in Bulgaria. A modern new town in this area was built in 1948 as a result of combining several villages Chepino, Legend, Kamenica.Russian resort of Kislovodsk is twinned with the Bulgarian town of Velingrad.

    It is located in the valley between the mountains at an altitude of 850 meters above the sea level. The beauty of mountains surrounding the healing place is in its complete coverage with dense pine forests. This feature distinguishes it from the famous park in Kislovodsk created by people.