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With the help of our website, you can book a car in more than 32,000+ locations around the world. It's simple, no matter how far from the rental point you are, even if it's Argentina. For your convenience, the booking process is simplified as much as possible and is provided in Russian so that you do not have any difficulties. Moreover, booking is done in three simple steps and does not require any special knowledge.

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Car reservation in Argentina

Rental Tips
  • If you have chosen additional equipment, then it will be indicated in your voucher, and you can get it directly at the rental point.
  • If there is even a small chance of snow falling, it is recommended to order a winter set of tires as an option.

Rental locations in Argentina represent organizations that own their own car fleet within a country or city. Arriving in another country, you may need a car, but you do not want to apply to transfer services - then rental offices are an ideal option. Naturally, if you just arrive at the rental office and start demanding a car, then you will either be refused, or unclaimed models will be offered. Therefore, it is better to take care of booking a car in advance. With the help of our service, you can not only quickly book a car, but also purchase additional services. Reservation is done in just three steps:

  1. Selection of the dates you are interested in.
  2. Choosing the right car.
  3. Fill out the contact form with your dates. The procedure is designed so simple that any user can intuitively handle it, regardless of the level of training, because no specific data is required.

After completing the booking process, you will receive a confirmation voucher. Be sure to print it, it will contain not only your data, but also information on how to change the booking details and contact details of the rental point. Upon arrival at the rental office, you will need to present some documentation:

  1. Driver's license in the name of the person who booked the car.
  2. Credit card with the required amount.
  3. Directly the voucher itself.

If the required documents are not available, you may be denied a car reservation. Or the car may be offered, but at different rates. If everything is in place, you will be given the keys to the car. Before the trip, carefully read the instructions for using the car and inspect it both outside and interior features.

Argentina: you will get to know this country better if you have a car


Argentina. Aconcagua

Aconcagua located in the Western Mendoza Province of Argentina, at 6,962 meters, is the highest mountain of Argentina and the whole American continent. The mountain is considered to be challenging for all the climbers of the world. First the mountain Aconcagua was climbed by the man in 1897, nowadays it is climbed by 5000 climbers in average per year. The city of Mendoza is located close to the mountain and it is a starting point for excursions in the national park. For visiting of the natural reserve you need to obtain different permission necessary for short-term and long-term residence in the national park and climbing the mountain Aconcagua. The most favorable time for travelling are the months when in the South Hemisphere is summer: from December till March.

National park Aconcagua in the Andes Mountain range with its meager mountain landscapes is an exciting and beautiful sight.While hiking through the Park tourists visit many places offering striking views of the beautiful snow-covered five and six thousand meters’ peaks, as well as their giant slides. The unique Horcones Valley with the grand peak of Aconcagua in the background is best suited for the long hikes along the wild, untouched landscapes. Puente del Inca formed as a result of the natural erosion of bridge is located directly at the entrance to the Horcones Valley. From under the ground here comes out the spring containing Sulphur painting rocks in orange color.

Island Valdés in Patagonia.

Although Valdes both in Argentina and throughout the world, is often referred to as an island, it is not. It is a peninsula located on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. And those heading from the capital of Buenos Aires in the direction of Patagonia, should definitely make a stop at Valdes. For nature lovers this peninsula appears to be a desirable objective, it is with a definite purpose that in 1999 the local nature reserve was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Annually thousands of looking for silence tourists rush here and devote their holidays to the observation of different animals.

Climate conditions resembling Mediterranean, namely the hot summer and soft winter, increase the interest in the place. As in the Mediterranean Sea region, here there is a lush vegetation with pines, palms as well as vast vineyards.