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Our website is one of the most popular car booking platforms. We hold leading positions because we rely on the quality of services and work only with proven rental points in , which have proven themselves from the best side. The process of booking is available for any user and can be completed in three simple steps. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you during the booking.











Rental tips

  • You can select a different point for the car return, but it shall be specified when booking to avoid possible problems.
  • In addition to the total amount a certain amount will be blocked on your credit card, and if the car is returned according to the standard procedure, the amount will be unblocked.

Today, in the age of information technology, it is much easier to plan your trip to the smallest details. Tourists can choose a country, book a hotel, excursions, plan meals and shopping. Now, with our service, you can book a car in Angola in advance, taking into account all your wishes. In order to provide clients with an additional comfort, we have simplified the booking process to three simple steps.

  1. You select the dates when you want to rent a car, and later you’ll be able to change them, if make a request in time.
  2. Choose a car meeting your demands, tastes and interests from the proposed list.
  3. Fill out a simple contact form providing us with your personal data.

As you can see, it does not take much of your time. The only thing that can take some time is choosing a car. Cause the majority of rental points, especially large ones, offer a large number of vehicles with their individual exterior and functional features. It is the most enjoyable moment that even prices at luxury cars are very favorable. All this is possible because we work directly with the rental points and provide a low price level without any extra charges or fees. Specify the price in Rental and Booking Conditions.

The booking may also include an additional equipment that will be provided to you directly at the rental point. You can also buy all the necessary insurances at the point. But be careful and check your invoice before payment, because unscrupulous rental points employees may include in the price the services you haven’t been notified about. In such situations, you can always ask rental point employees to eliminate the mistakes.


Angola is a country in South Africa surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on the West. Before 1975 it has been a Portuguese colony that had its impact on the local culture and style of life. In general, it is an interesting country for tourists that can offer real immersion into the world of adventures world and original nature. Landscapes here are diverse, one can find dense tropical forests and shrub savannas and deserts. Atlantic seaside stretches for more than 1600 km disclosing for travelers wild, but beautiful sandy beaches, small isolated bays with blue and turquoise water.

When to visit Angola?

Thanking for tropical climate in Angola you can have holidays all your through, but the best time is considered a ‘dry’ season lasting from June till August. Day temperature in this period rises till +30 -32 C, rains are rare, ocean is well warmed up. From September-October rain season rain season starts that lasts till April. In this period one can have holidays and swim, but due to the high air humidity is not comfortable enough.

Recreations features in Angola

Tourism in the country starts developing: now in the capital Luanda one can find multiple hotels, including five-stars hotels offering high European level of service. Beaches here are splendid: cleanest soft sand and ocean of the color of the sky surrounded by tropical gardens seem like derailed from the postcards. National parks are located nearby. Excursions tours are interesting and diverse thanking to the lots of architecture and historical sightseeing. Having holidays here is not cheap: Luanda takes the leading positions in the list of the most expensive world capitals.