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    1. Car search and selection You should fill all the required fields in the form in order to pick up the right car. If you want to return the car in another city, just check the box next to "Other car return place" and then you'll be able to enter the desired city in the resulting window. If you click the "search" button, you will be offered all available free cars.

    2. Booking conditions Be careful during the booking process and be sure to read all the proposed terms. Click on "price details" to read the small nuances when booking a desired car. You can learn more about all the cancellation conditions, driver's age and insurance. If you need more information, you can also learn more about the additional equipment and car mileage.

    3. Filling the booking form If you click on the "book" button, which is located below the photo of the car you've chosen, you'll be taken to another page. Here you will see the price to be paid for car reservation. If necessary, you can also buy additional equipment here. Then fill out the reservation form carefully, recheck your data and click "confirm reservation". The required amount will be charged to your credit card and our specialists will start the booking process immediately. If you cancel your reservation in time, the amount will be refunded.

    4. Notification of the booking completion After completing the booking process you will be notified by email. To avoid any possibility of missing a notification check the "Spam" folder from time to time.

    5. The final booking confirmation Booking voucher at the selected rental office takes from a few minutes to several days. Immediately after completion your booking you will be sent an important confirmation by e-mail. It should be printed and presented in your rental office.

    Attention: There are situations when the booking cannot be confirmed due to the fact that the fleet usage dynamics is too high. In this case, we will contact you immediately and offer an alternative car. Even if you refuse to rent the offered vehicle, we will refund the full amount you paid within 4-5 days.

    6. Car receiving at the station Your voucher will contain the address of the rental station and phone numbers. When you arrive to the destination, you must present necessary documents, which include the voucher itself, license and a credit card, and then you will get the keys and the car itself. Reserved funds will be blocked on your credit card, the deposit remains on the card and will be unlocked once you return the car to the rental station without any violations and/or damages.

    What is the security deposit and its amount? Rental fee includes the cost of all necessary insurances. But in case of insured events amount does not cover the expenses that come out of damage. And in case of occurrence of insured event this amount shall be charged to your credit card. In other words, in the event of an accident you shall pay only the deposit, the rest shall be covered by insurance. The amount of security deposit is also called deductrible and it is specified in your voucher as well as in the booking conditions. It ranges from 500-1000 euro and depends primarily on the cost of the vehicle you've chosen. The amount equal to the amount of the deductible or even less can be blocked at the rental point.

    Attention: be sure to check out the car condition before leaving the station. The car check should be carried out in the presence of rental point employee. And if there are defects, mark them in your rental form.

    7. Car return Before heading to the car rental point make sure that the information provided in the booking voucher is correct and corresponds to everything you have specified during the booking process. After arriving to the car return point, give back the keys and fill out the form.

    IMPORTANT! Be sure to check the invoice at the rental point. Sometimes unscrupulous workers add unneeded insurance to increase the cost of the service without notice to the customer.

    8. The accompanying issues
    How can I know which company provides me with a chosen vehicle?
    All the information about a company including address, name and phone number is specified in a voucher, which will be sent to you after the completion of the booking process.
    How can I find the company providing me with a rental car at the airport?
    At the airport, just follow the "Car Rental" signs, which lead you to the car rental place. You'll get assistance once you come to the window of your company whose name is specified in your voucher. Call the company if you have any problems.
    Why doesn't car brand correspond to the brand chosen by me?
    All the vehicles displayed when booking are often used by our company's clients and rental points. Pay attention to the car name, the "analog" may be specified next to the brand name. Due to the constantly growing dynamics of the use of the fleet, our company cannot guarantee that vehicle you've chosen will be absolutely identical to which car you'll get at the rental point. But we guarantee you the analog identity, the class of the car you've chosen will be kept.

    Where can I read the terms of booking and car rental conditions? All possible terms of the proposed rental point may vary depending on what kind of car you choose. You can use several methods to ensure the terms compliance:

    1. Once you complete the car search you'll be able to see the rental conditions under each vehicle by clicking "Price details".
    2. If you go to the booking page by filling out the order form, all the necessary conditions can be viewed in "Rental Conditions" at the bottom of the page.
    3. You can also read the conditions through a voucher that will be sent to you after the completion of the booking process.

    How to pay for the car when booking? The total amount will be charged directly at the rental point. When booking a car you provide your credit card, on which a certain fixed amount will be blocked, which is equal to 20% of the total rental cost. This amount will be returned to you after the car return. It is the mandatory guarantee of your booking. Once you come to the rental point, you can pay a certain amount by credit card. All types of cards accepted in the rental point can be found by clicking on the "terms and conditions" on the website. *Please attend! There are some rental points providing cars only after full payment during the booking. Read the information on the "terms and conditions" before booking to avoid troubles.

    What is the advance payment-deposit at time of booking? When selecting your car you need to pay attention to the fact that the description of the payment process is presented in the form of three types: 1. Total rental price; 2. Amount to be paid today; 3. The amount to be paid at the rental point. The prepayment amount at time of booking is specified in the second paragraph "Amount to be paid today". If you cancel your reservation in time, the amount will be refunded. The third paragraph contains the amount to be paid at the rental point.
    Example of payment description:


    1. Total rental price: EUR 49.09
    2. Amount to be paid today: EUR 9.82
    3. Amount to be paid at the rental point: EUR 39.27

    What is the the security deposit and its amount? When you rent a car, the chosen rental point blocks a fixed amount on your credit card. This amount is a security deposit remaining on your card. After you return the car in its original form, the amount will be unlocked. The unlocking process can take from 2 to 3 weeks due to the bank specifity. The rental price to be paid includes the necessary insurance payments, but in case of occurrence of an insured event such payments are not enough to pay the first amount of insurance to cover the damage, it is also called a deductible. In case of occurrence of an insured event, the deductible shall be covered by the deposit blocked on your card. Other payments are not required since all costs will be covered by the insurance company. The amount of above deductible is usually set by the rental point and must be specified in the voucher. Typically, the amount of deductible and blocked deposit on the card are equal, but the rental agencies may request a lower amount.

    Is it possible to book a vehicle with a zero deductible (full insurance coverage) through your service? Zero deductible is usually called the part of the insurance payments covering the amount of a deductible. Unfortunately, not all vehicles are provided under similar conditions, but the agreement on the provision of full service for citizens of the Russian Federation is already under development. All available vehicles with a zero deductible are marked in the search results. The mark is called "All Inclusive (zero deductible)." And to protect yourself, you may purchase a full insurance coverage service directly at the rental point..

    Where and how can I buy the deductible-covering (a zero deductible) insurance? The insurance for deductible coverage is one of the standard services provided by rental points. You can always buy it on arrival.

    Which credit cards are accepted for reservations? The following credit cards are accepted for booking: Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Mastercard and "Maestro/Laser for online payments."

    I do not have a credit card, can I book a car? Booking of any car on our website is only possible if you specify a valid driver's credit card.

    Is it necessary to have a credit card in order to pick up a vehicle at the rental point? Yes, it is imperative. The selected rental point draws up insurances on data of your documents and credit cards.

    What payment methods are accepted in rental points? All rental points we are cooperating with accept Visa and Mastercard as well as other credit cards. If you want to make sure that your card is suitable, look for the special section entitled "Payment methods" in "Rental conditions." Keep in mind that the card must have a driver's name. As an exception, some rental agencies allow the use of a debit card. Be extremely careful! When you pick up a car in the rental point, the security deposit will be blocked on your card, and its amount usually depends on the selected vehicle and is specified in the voucher.

    Text example in the "RENTAL CONDITIONS", "Payment Method" section.

    Payment Method
    During receiving a car at the rental point a driver must have one of following cards: American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa. The card itself must have a driver's name.

    Your reservation can be paid by credit or debit cards. Directly upon receiving a car the rental point will request your credit card issued to the driver. Since the rental point holds a certain amount as a security deposit at the time of rental, the amount will be blocked as long as you do not return the car according to the standard procedure. Remember that there are rental agencies that require two credit cards for especially expensive vehicles.

    Make sure that you have sufficient funds on your card so that they can be held by the rental point. This amount varies depending on the vehicle, but it includes the cost of deductible and a price per full tank. Also, the price may vary depending on the driver's age, rent period and location of the rental point.

    You can't rent a car if your card has insufficient funds and the amount paid will not be returned.

    Using our website, you can book a car in more than 32,000+ locations around the world, no matter how far from the rental point you are at the moment. For your convenience, the booking process is simplified as much as possible and is provided in Russian so that you do not have any difficulties. Moreover, booking is done in three simple steps and does not require any special knowledge.

    Some more hints over rental process

    Our company remains the leading positions, and this is due to the fact that we cooperate exclusively with proven rental points and we have great experience in this field. Our rental points have extended car fleets and are ready to provide you with any vehicle from economy to luxury class. But even when you select a luxury car, you will pay the lowest price. Our rental points are located as conveniently as possible so that you can rent a car and return it with no problems. Renting a car on our website, you can order an additional equipment, and you will get everything you need upon arrival at the rental point. All you need to do is provide a confirmation voucher, which was sent to your by e-mail; it shall contain all the additional information. Rental point staff will ask you to present your driver’s license and credit card. After all this, you will receive a car; be sure to inspect it, not only in the cabin, but also outside, and upon detection of defects inform the rental point employee, it should be recorded in the corresponding paper.
    At the rental point, besides picking up a rental car you can also use the additional services, which shall be paid just at the point. You can order an additional equipment, baby seats, tires, and other things. But if you see fit, you can buy the additional insurances that may cover damages arising as a result of an emergency. However, keep in mind that we cannot give you a guarantee regarding rental point employees. Once you get invoice, read it carefully before signing. Unscrupulous employees can intentionally include into the costs services without notifying the client. In such cases, be sure to inform the employee and all the defects will be eliminated. Full payment is also held at the rental point, so make sure that your have a required amount on your card, otherwise undesirable consequences may occur. Read all the terms and conditions at the stage of booking through the website. It will be useful to examine the voucher sent to you and its contact information.

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    Booking has always been a process taking a lot of time and efforts for you? You think that the car reservation is expensive and useless? It is time to dispel your stereotypes! Our company has extensive experience in this field, and hundreds of tourists book vehicles through our service every day.
    It’s no secret that car booking seems expensive, but with our service, this statement is nothing more than a myth. When choosing a car, you are provided with all the options from economy to luxury class. Moreover, they are presented at the lowest possible prices. This is because we work directly with the rental points and can afford to avoid paying fees and extra charges, so booking is very profitable for you. Our service can allow you to relax in comfort and save your budget at one time. When booking, you can order additional services of a different nature from the child seat to the spare set of tires. All this is possible and will be specified in the confirmation voucher.
    Car booking takes so little time that it will surprise you. Go through three simple steps and nothing more.
    1. Select the dates you need, you can change them, if you make a request in time.
    2. Choose a preferred vehicle among the extensive list. Remember that we are not responsible for the provision of the other vehicle at the rental point. This can be caused by the heavy workload of some of rental points. But in our turn we guarantee that the car class will fully meet your requirements.
    3. Fill your contact information by entering the data into the appropriate fields, you should be both attentive and focused.
    All the rest we will do for you. You’ll just have to come to the rental point in time and pick up the car.